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Embark on a Summer Journey with Ankai Double-decker Sightseeing Bus


This summer, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin, Haikou, Xi'an, Yantai, Weihai, Zhaoqing, Guilin, and other cities, the Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus will once again transform into a "versatile giant" cruising through city streets and landmarks, becoming a new view of the city.

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The Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus boasts a sleek and upright design, featuring large viewing windows on both sides and a panoramic sunroof that spans the entire upper level. With its outstanding appearance, comfortable seating, 360-degree view, and spacious interior, it seamlessly aligns with tourism demands, achieving a synergistic effect where 1+1 is greater than 2. While catering to the transportation and recreational needs of citizens and tourists, it aids cities in crafting novel cultural tourism scenarios and urban sightseeing methods, providing a more considerate, heartfelt, and attentive city bus service.

Whether it's the previously modified Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus turned into Shanghai's flower viewing bus, allowing tourists to embark on a journey of a mobile flower exhibition like Alice in Wonderland; or the illuminated bus launched in Dalian, integrating the night views of Dalian with its coastal landscapes; or even the wedding bus in Yantai, the diverse and immersive sightseeing experiences cater not only to the diversified and personalized consumer demands of the public but also to the emerging trend of diversified and distinctive operational development among enterprises.

In Yantai, the Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus transforms into the "Happy Bus". Starting from the north square of Yantai Railway Station, it passes through various scenic spots in Yantai, such as Yantai Mountain, Moon Bay, Fisherman's Wharf, Yangma Island, and Suochengli, creating a refreshing and youthful "moving landscape" that takes passengers along the coastal road, allowing them to fully appreciate the romance and beauty of Yantai.

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In Weihai, the red-bodied Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus, adorned with design elements characteristic of a coastal city such as the sea, sunrise, whales, beaches, and more, boasts a perfect appearance and high recall rate. This bus connects more than 10 scenic spots and popular tourist destinations, enabling citizens and tourists to fully enjoy the interplay between sea and mountain views and the city's history.

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Similar initiatives can be found in cities like Haikou, Xiamen, and Shanghai. In Haikou, for instance, citizens and tourists can not only enjoy the mountain, sea, and scenic views from the bus but also savor the charm of local tea culture within the Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus, indulging in moments of joy. The clever integration of "transportation, sightseeing, tea culture, and performance" allows Hainan's unique culture to unleash its distinctive charm during the city tour.

The Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus, a testament to the beauty of our country, creates a wonderful travel experience for the new era and has been put into operation in many cities across the country, facilitating the development of a new integrated "public transportation and tourism" model. Meanwhile, the Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus serves as a stunning business card for "Made in China," being operated in various renowned tourist cities worldwide.

During the Paris Olympics this summer, the Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus will once again shuttle along the Seine River, connecting multiple scenic spots and allowing the public to deeply experience the romantic charm of France through a window and a journey. This initiative offers a green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable tourism service, showcasing the strength and elegance of "Made in China."

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